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Scale by Design - Venture Capital Show

Leading the conversation on venture capital investment strategies and how to empower portfolio companies to scale.

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Meet the host of the show:
James Mackey

James Mackey is the Founder & CEO of SecureVision. Since 2015, SecureVision has partnered with over 150 VC-backed tech companies, ranging from growth-stage to
enterprise clients to recruit talent in every department.

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S2 E16: The Future of Technology: Exploring the Top Sectors, Trends, and Financing Market w Mark Sherman

James Mackey and our guest Mark Sherman, Managing Partner at Telstra Ventures, explore the current state of the financing market and discuss some sectors that are seeing great investments. Our guest highlights the significant trends in artificial intelligence, climate tech, and cybersecurity.

They explore the impact of tools like chat GPT on workforce planning and the potential for the redeployment of headcount to other activities that are less automatable.

They also delve into the rise of climate tech and the opportunities it presents for the future. Lastly, they touch on the critical need for cybersecurity in our increasingly data-driven world and how the current market impacts cyber companies right now.

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S2 E15: Expert Panel. The current economic environment. Fundraising & How VC's are working alongside and advising PortCos in 2023.

In this episode, James Mackey and our guests discuss the current economic environment and its impact on the tech industry, strategies for fundraising, the metrics VCs are prioritizing right now, how to run lean organizations in a market downturn, and more.


Guest Panel:
Doug Landis - Growth Partner at Emergence Capital 
Scott Barker - Partner and Co-Founder of GTM Fund 
Brandon Metcalf - Founder and CEO of Blueprint, Asymbl, and Place.

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S2 E14: The Journey of Starting A Micro VC Focused on Student Startups w Gaurav Mehta.

In this episode, host James Mackey, explores the story behind the founding of Crescent Fund, a micro VC fund focused on student startups in Southern California.

We’ll hear from Gaurav Mehta, Managing Partner, and Co-Founder, about their background and the inspiration for the fund, as well as the path to raising capital and doing the first deals. They also discuss the markets and companies that students in the region are interested in starting and joining, and their career aspirations beyond college.

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S2 E13: Maximizing Employee Engagement During Economic Downturns: Strategies for Valuing and Retaining Talent w Raluca Mackey

Raluca Mackey, Director of Talent at Vertex Ventures, joins host James Mackey to discuss the topic of employee engagement in light of the current economic downturn. 

The conversation covers various important aspects of engaging employees, such as how layoffs should be handled, ways to show employees that they are valued, the role of paid time off in driving engagement and performance, and the importance of having a minimum work-life balance policy. 

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